William Henry’s Jewelry for Men Features Meteorite

When thinking about practical jewelry for gentlemen, the name which arrives up in an immediate remember is William Henry, who has designed masterpieces prior to like the bejeweled knives. His latest master stroke is the Relativity, a breathtaking new model of its Ventana collection. This spectacular pocketknife is inlaid with a striking piece of Gibeon meteorite, featuring the unique and extraterrestrial Widmanstätten pattern.

Relativity Meteorite Series Jewel Knife by William Henry 
Relativity Meteorite Series Jewel Knife by William Henry

This magnificent pocketknife  also features a frame in heat-blued damascus steel, punctuated by a ruby on the button lock. The blade in wave pattern hand-forged damascus steel, with a core in ZDP-189, is one of the hallmarks of William Henry’s pocketknives.

For their latest creation, William Henry used fragments of the Gibeon meteorite which crashed in Namibia, Africa in prehistoric times. The meteoroid exploded in mid-air due to thermal shock, and its fragments were dispersed over a vast elliptical area. First discovered by the Nama people who used them to make tools and weapons, Gibeon meteorites are composed of an iron-nickel alloy containing significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus. Due to the extremely long cooling time in the interior of the parent asteroids, these alloys have crystallized into intermixed millimeter-sized bands.

The Relativity pocketknife is created in an exclusive offering of 25 pieces. The reason for that could the exclusivity and rarity with which the fabrication is actually known to have been found. None of the pieces from the collection have the same pattern on them, thus making them really unique. This means, each knife and pen will have a different pattern etched on them, which will actually separate it from anything else of similar kind!

However, for those looking to buy it, should keep $1,500 in hand. [William Henry]

Relativity Meteorite Series Jewel Knife by William Henry

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