Wilson Audio Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers Made to Impress

Wilson Audio Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers
Wilson Audio Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers

Wilson Audio has earned itself a name among the top luxury speakers manufacturers and has always impressed the audiophiles with its radical take on audio systems. However, when Wilson Audio named one of its sound systems as Sophia, audiophiles knew not to take them lightly. So, as they bring the Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers with completely new architecture, it’s obvious to cast another musical spell on the high-end audio lovers.

There’s a new look, thicker panels, a new bracing strategy and an all new material for the mid/tweeter baffle. A revised crossover has been thrown into the mix as well. In the Sophia Series 3, there’s an improvement in the amount of crossover jitter, which makes the sound clearer. So much clearer, in fact, that David Wilson was able to hear flaws he couldn’t before, which let him get in and fix those as well.

The mid-range driver is now a simplified version of that found in the Alexandria X-2 Series 2, while the woofer remains similar, but features a magnet double the size of the old one. The tweeter in the Series 3 is sourced from the MAXX Series 3, but with a few changes.

Shipping of the first lot of orders is scheduled for June 1, 20010. The Sophia Series 3 Loudspeakers will cost $16,700.

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