World’s biggest iPod speaker: Wall of Sound

Tired of all those miniscule docking stations that got you tiny speakers that squeaked out your favorite tracks, making Cryptopsy sound like The Cranberries? Give it up for the Wall of Sound. Look closer at the picture. Somewhere in the corner is the iPod that serves as it’s source.

Wall of Sound - iPod Speaker

Swedish audio company Brothers has introduced its new Wall of Sound (WOS) iPod speaker system. Hailed by the company as the most powerful iPod speaker on the market, the WOS is powered by a 125 Watt, built-in tube amplifier. It features a total of 28 driver elements, each of which has its own handcrafted box for a more balanced sound. Other features include a frequency response of 40 Hz-20,000 kHz, dimensions of roughly 37” x 49” x 12”, and a weight of approximately 225 lbs.

Brothers also states that their impressively large loudspeaker is made for people who believe that music should be listened to loudly. Almost certainly beating out the rest of the iPod speaker market, The Wall of Sound has a peak loudness of 95dB.

An amazing creation, you had better make sure your neighbors are away before you crank up the volume of this speaker. The world’s most powerful speaker, it is sure to redefine the term “Loud”.

Highly priced at $4,495, the Wall of Sound is available on pre-order at the Brothers flagship store in Stockholm.

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