World’s Best Cheese Is Claxstone Smooth Blue

There is no corner of the planet that does not consume cheese. A food which is produced from milk, a favorite all over the world, and is produced in so many different varieties of “a thousand and one ways” to its distinctive taste can never get bored. Young, old, mild and strong flavors, smoked, moldy, soft, hard, or creamy, smooth or punctured, served as an appetizer, main dish, salad, spice, and even desserts. The best cheese for 2013 at an international cheese show has been named a medium-strength blue cheese from England. This was happened at the 116 edition of the International Cheese Awards at Nantwich where the Claxstone Smooth Blue, produced by Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire beat out 4,285 other cheeses to become the best of the best.

World’s Best Cheese Is Claxstone Smooth Blue

Smooth Blue is a soft, balanced, creamy and mild. Milk used for the cheese comes from cows that are left to graze on some of the greenest pastures in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. For years, the cheese is used for various things. The ancients cheese attributed aphrodisiac properties, not without reason. Prior to the act of love, it enjoyed pharaohs, kings, and ordinary mortals. The scientists concluded that moldy cheese, may be even more beneficial for cardiovascular health, as well as to anti-inflammatory medications. Ingredients registered in these cheeses can be isolated and used independently or in pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.

World’s Best Cheese Is Claxstone Smooth Blue World’s Best Cheese Is Claxstone Smooth Blue World’s Best Cheese Is Claxstone Smooth Blue

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