World’s Most Expensive Ice Cubs Comes At A Cost $325

Do you know there’s a market for luxury ice? Well, California-based Glace Luxury Ice Company is the world’s leading premium drink-ice brand. This company is selling hand carved ice cubes which will cost you $325. Although it’s bag with 50 cubes, it’s still world’s most expensive (it’s $8 each cube). They are perfectly clear and are individually cut form giant blocks of ice. Glace claims the completely tasteless cubes provide minimum dilution and maximum cooling. Luxury ice cubes for celebrity events come along with a set of direction on the ways they are to be used.

World's Most Expensive Ice Cubs Comes At A Cost $325
Traditional machine-ice, generally made with local tap water, may contain upwards of 150 impurities and carcinogens, resulting in poor tasting and potentially unhealthy ice,” the company claimed.
And also, a fancy title isnt the only thing that makes them so expensive, it’s the fact that they are made only from pure water and once frozen they are then carved into 2.5” spheres that won’t disrupt the most even expensive drink you may drinking. Perfect for snobby parties!

World's Most Expensive Ice Cubs Comes At A Cost $325

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