World’s Fastest Ambulance Revealed in Dubai

It’s already well-known precious fleet of police in Dubai made ​​up of supercars, and now it’s turn came and the ambulance, which will in future boast “Lotus Evora” cars that will arrive to patients at a speed of 300 km/h (185mph). Modified “Lotus Evora“, was presented at the “Gitex” tech week, worth 126,000 euros, and will be used by 50 specially trained nurses. Maita al-Ketbi, a paramedic with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, will be able to get to the patients for 3-4 minutes on average.

World's Fastest Ambulance Revealed in Dubai
“The car is of importance to patients so we can reach them in a very short time,” she said.
“Those sport cars minimise the time of response and it can reach much faster than the ambulance cars, they can do the first aid by the time the ambulance arrives.”
Of course, the two-seater Lotus will not be able to transport patients, but as “first responders” service in the UK to enable nurses to more quickly reach the injured and providing first aid.

World's Fastest Ambulance Revealed in Dubai
The equipment will include devices for measuring blood pressure and heart, defibrillator, oxygen, and for now, as patrol supercars they will parade through Dubai to impress tourists, before heading to the regular service.
The Lotus is the only one of the fast cars that will become part of the emergency services in Dubai, and there are still “ford mustang” and “Chevy Corvette”.

World's Fastest Ambulance Revealed in Dubai World's Fastest Ambulance Revealed in Dubai

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