World’s First Fluorescent Ice Cream Will Cost You $225 a Scoop

British award winning food inventor, Charlie Francis of Lick Me I’m Delicious came out with world’s first fluorescent ice cream. This sweet innovation – a glow-in-the-dark ice cream actually works using synthesized jellyfish proteins (the same ones that allow these marine animals to produce light inside their bodies), so it’s gets shinier as you lick it. The idea to create this alien-like ice cream came when Francis had read a research paper by scientist from China who has managed to synthesise the luminescence protein from jellyfish.

Fancy a scoop of glow in the dark icecream for $225

“The protein we’re using in the ice cream reacts with your tongue at neutral PH,” explains Francis, “so as your mouth warms up the protein, it will raise the PH level and start to glow.” He’s also developed a gin and tonic sorbet that glows in the dark because of the quinine in the tonic, which glows under UV light.

This jellyfish proteins are also pretty insanely expensive – £200 ($321) gets you about 2g of the stuff, which means each scoop would cost about $225.

Fancy a scoop of glow in the dark icecream for $225

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