World’s First Real-life Hoverboard – Hendo Hoverboard

Ever since Marty McFly ride on his hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a real one. And, the world’s first REAL hoverboard is finally here. It’s called the Hendo hoverboard, and you can currently preorder one on Kickstarter for $10,000. Hendo’s magic lies in its four disc-shaped hover engines. These create a special magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates the board off the ground. While this hoverboard is primarily intended to be self-propelled, the actions which stabilize it can also be used to drive it forward by altering the projected force on the surface below, which currently needs to be a non-ferromagnetic conductor.

World's First Real-life Hoverboard - Hendo Hoverboard
Hendo hoverboard is currently prototype, but its founders Greg and Jill Henderson launched the Hendo Hoverboard Kickstarter campaign and they are well on the way to achieving their goal of US$250,000, which will go towards finalizing the Hendo Board design, putting it into production and creating places to ride it. They also offer a Whitebox Developer Kit, priced at $299, which offers the same technology in a small, accessible form factor. However, only 10 prototype boards were on offer and all have already been snapped up. If all goes to plan, the Whitebox developer kit will be shipped to backers from July 2015, with the Hendo Hovers slated for delivery in October 2015.

World's First Real-life Hoverboard - Hendo Hoverboard

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