World’s Largest LED Project – One More Reason to Visit Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The Yas Hotel in Dubai’s sister Emirate, Abu Dhabi, has earned the impressive title of the world’s largest LED project, which is to say it’s the largest single concentration of LED lighting in the world.

Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The phallic neon object you see above is not an extraterrestrial research lab run by former Vegas casino owners. Underneath this curvilinear shell is a typically extravagant 500-room hotel, which is divided by a Formula 1 race track. The hotel has a sculpted-steel vehicle to run on a passing bridge to commute between the two hotel winds even when the F1 races are on.

Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Built by Aldar Properties and designed by Asymptote Architecture, the main design attraction of this 5-star, 279,000-square-foot complex, is the curvilinear grid-shell covered with over 5,300 diamond-shaped steel panels, containing nearly 5000 RGBW LED fixtures.

Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

New York lighting design firm Arup Lighting employed a lighting application by e:cue lighting control to create lighting effects such as color-changing lighting sequences and customized three dimensional low-resolution video content on the grid-shell.

Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

If you think your neighbor’s holiday lighting spectacle is an exercise in excess, wait till you see the world’s largest LED project on Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

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