World’s Largest Perfect Heart Shape Diamond

Heart Shape Diamond

Still looking for perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? What do you think about girl’s best friend? Of, course we’re talking about diamond, and not any, but heart shape and world’s largest. Last year, Graff Diamonds revealed in London its Graff Venus, the largest D Flawless heart shape diamond in the world, which weighs 118.78 carats and is the size of a walnut. The Venus was cut from a 357-carat rough discovered at the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho in 2015. It took 18 months for the stone to take shape, starting from discovery, going through the analysis process and developing new technology to cut and polish the main diamond and the 22 other satellite stones yielded from the same piece of rough.

Heart Shape Diamond

This is a diamond that is not only large but has achieved the highest grades in all attributes that matter. The D color grade means it is colorless, the top of the color scale for colorless or white diamonds. It is flawless, the top of the clarity scale. The diamond has a classification of Type IIa, meaning it is almost or entirely devoid of impurities and has the highest thermal conductivity. They make up between 1 and 2 percent of all natural diamonds.
The rock also comes with excellent polish, excellent symmetry and no fluorescence. These features are only attributed the top diamonds in the planet.
Who will be the lucky girl to receive this record-breaking gem?

Heart Shape Diamond

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