World’s Most Expensive Cheese Made in Serbia

Serbia is no longer known only by No.1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, but also as place where you can find world’s most expensive cheese. Just one hour’s drive from Belgrade, Serbian capital, you’ll find the pristine nature reserve of Zasavica, where products cheese from donkey’s milk, which costs €1,000 ($1,270) per kilo, about $576 a pound. Known as “Pule”, this unique cheese is being produced by the reserve’s donkey farm, the only place in the world where donkeys are milked for cheese.

Serbian donkey cheese certified by World Record Academy as most expensive and requires around 25 litres of fresh donkeys’ milk for its preparation, more precisely for one kilogram of the cheese.

Donkey’s milk is so similar to human milk, so its contents it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions contrary to the cow’s milk. It also contains also 60 times more vitamin C than the cow’smilk, and , since it has vitamins A, D and E and since it is a rich source of calcium and phosphorous it can be treated as a nutritious gold mine, as well as immunoglobulin- protein which acts as an anti-body and improves the immune system.

Zasavica, protected as Special Nature Reserve is also renowned for its mosaic of aquatic and wetland ecosystems and fragments of flooded forests, as well as for farming beside donkey, also mangulitsa, podolian cow, beaver, umbras and other dissapearing species. There, you can buy their delicious and unique products, such as Donkey’s Milk ($50), Sausage made of donkey’s meat ($25), The liqueur of donkey’s milk ($13), Facial cream made of donkey’s milk ($28), The soap made of donkey’s milk ($7), Mangulitsa’s Hum ($130), Mangulitsa’s Kulen ($65), Mangulitsa’s Fat ($5), Mangulitsa’s Bacon ($13), Half of Meter of Srem – special homemade sausage ($25).

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Written by Slamchica

Aleksandra Arsenovic graduated with a degree in economics and has a master degree in tourism. Since she worked as a travel agent, she has traveled around the world and developed an interest in luxurious hotels and exotic destinations. As a big fashion fan, Aleksandra loves expensive and luxury fashion items. As an editor of Extravaganzi she shares her knowledge about travels, fashion and accessories.


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