World’s Most Expensive Men’s Perfume – “Billionaire Fragrance by Leon Verres”

Billionaire Fragrance by Leon Verres

In the world of the rich and famous, it seems almost impossible to set new standards and surprise the luxury-savvy. But luxury designer Leon Verres made it happen again. After his legendary Billionaire Vodka, which is sold out worldwide and can’t be procured even with the best connections, he now introduces his latest creation – “Billionaire Fragrance for Men.” With $ 2.25 million Leon Verres launches the most expensive men’s perfume in the world on the market.

Billionaire Fragrance by Leon Verres

For that price the buyer gets more than just a breathtaking scent – 1.5 liters of purest Eau de Parfum. The secret is in the formula of production: During a top-secret filtering process the luxury fluid flows through diamonds, which are worth several million dollars. The precious stones give the fragrance an exceptional note that can’t be reached by any other method of production. It is precisely this special, uniquely brilliant filtering process that gives the “Billionaire Fragrance” its magical appeal, its unbridled strength and power.
Such a precious fragrance deserves a dignified packaging. The elegant bottle not only is a masterpiece of design, but it also sparkles with its more than 1000 precious diamonds on it.
In addition to all the exclusive, luxurious details, the fragrance is a captivating composition of a variety of precious ingredients. The Sicilian citrus top note provides a pure “John Wick” kick. The heart note underlines the aromatic and vibrant “A Star is Born” character of the fragrance. In the base note, woody and leathery nuances are united to form a sensual “Last Tango in Paris” finale.

Billionaire Fragrance by Leon Verres

The luxury version worthy $2.25 million is reserved for the super-rich in the world. However, the precious fragrance itself will also be available in slightly less expensive version that combines several innovative add-ons:
• The “Billionaire Fragrance for Men” contains 100 ml of exclusive, diamond-filtered Eau de Parfum
• The precious bottle has an elegant fragrance-soaked wood label that may be used as a Billionaire room fragrance.
• The outer packaging also has an elegant appearance: The “Billionaire Fragrance for Men” is delivered in a handmade wooden chest with black metal hinges, with logo branding “Billionaire Fragrance” and exclusive embedded Swarovski diamonds.
• With the purchase of this luxury product, the customer receives a Billionaire Fragrance VIP Card, allowing him direct and guaranteed contact to star designer Leon Verres via WhatsApp.
Also very important and commendable, a large part of the profits of “Billionaire Fragrance” goes to needy children. That’s Leon Verres.

Billionaire Fragrance by Leon Verres

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