Would You Buy Coffee Pooped Out of a Brazilian Bird?

Jacu Coffee Beans

If you want to try refined coffee like no other, and a unique, nutty flavour with nuances of aniseed, be ready to splash out $160 for 125 grams. That’s the price for Jacu Coffee Beans that is made from the poop of a rare bird which is on a strict diet of ripe berries which you can find at Harrods and which makes its excrement some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

Jacu Coffee Beans

Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo, the small coffee estate is home to a native South American bird called the Jacu. These indigenous birds inhabit the forest and feast on only the very ripest coffee cherries produced in the forest shade. Once the Jacu bird has ingested the cherry, it goes through its digestive system and the local villagers collect the odourless droppings, composed of the extremely rare coffee beans, and transport them to the drying areas where they are dried, cleaned and stored in their parchment for up to three months.

Jacu Coffee Beans

The result of this labourious, unique process is a sweet, full-bodied speciality coffee more acidic than typically found in the region, with a clean, smooth aftertaste and no bitterness.
So, if you are ready to pay £175 ($160) for 125 g of Jacu Bird Coffee Beans you should visit Harrods.

Jacu Coffee Beans

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