Would You Pay $25,000 For Make-up Brushes?

Artis Bespoke

If you have some $25,000 lying around then it won’t be a problem to spend them on the most expensive make-up brushes ever made. Who else could be the creator of the same, but the luxury brush company Artis who came out with their best-selling make-up brush to date Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 which normally retails for $62.
So, if you’re wondering what makes this “Artis Bespoke” collection so expensive, here is the answer:
– the brand made only three of the brushes;

Artis Bespoke

– each brush features a white-gold plated handle and can be emblazoned either with white diamonds, black diamonds or rubies, per the buyer’s choice;
– the item comes with custom engraving, a special care kit and a dedicated support team to maintain brush care, and insurance and
– the buyer will also get a one-on-one makeup lesson with with Artis and Training Lead, Lindsey Jackson.
The brushes are being sold in three styles – Artis Bespoke Ruby, Artis Bespoke Black Diamond, and Artis Bespoke White Diamond – and were “designed for those who recognize the beauty in creating a precious expression of art,” according to the Artis website.
The limited-edition brushes will only be sold during the 2018 holiday season.

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