You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare…

For years, access to this island in the Venice lagoon was banned, and now you can become its owner. The scariest island in the world, ” the Charter”, is now on sale. Italian government has decided to sell the Charter to settle public debt. For its sinister reputation, the island can thank to the pits in which at the time of the plague epidemic the Italians threw the bodies, and even live patients. There they were buried, burned or left to rot. Several centuries later, demented doctor built a hospital for the mentally disturbed on the island, where they were tortured and where he practiced a lobotomy. The legend says, ghosts haunted the doctor, therefore he went crazy and threw himself from the tower of the hospital.

You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare...
Today the island is uninhabited, and the access isn’t allowed for visitors, although the ruins of the hospital, the church and the crematorium still exist. The investigators of paranormal phenomena claim that very high level of activity was recorded on the island. The most famous victim of the plague was a little Mary, who during an epidemic separated from her parents, and supposedly her ghost today stands on the shore of the island and cry for her home town – Malamokom on the other side of the lagoon.

You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare...
It is estimated that about 100,000 people died in the Charter in the 16th century. All residents with symptoms of fever were sent to the island where they were buried or burned. People say that the ground on an island is blend of human ashes and bones. Residents of Venice are extremely superstitious about sinister island and see it as a purgatory of the evil spirit. “When a wicked man dies, he wakes up at the Charter,” said one resident.

You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare... You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare... You Can Buy This Island, If You Dare...

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