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Goldgenie “Year of the Monkey 24k Gold iPhone 6s Elite

To celebrate one of the luckiest years in the Chinese Zodiac, Goldgenie have launched a special limited edition “Year of the Monkey 24k Gold iPhone 6s Elite. The “Year Of the Monkey” iPhone 6s features their best selling iPhone luxuriously embellished in 24k gold and laser engraved with a hand-painted Chinese sign of the Monkey, […]

Special Version of Hola Launcher for Smartphone Vertu

British luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu has announced the beginning of cooperation with mobile app developer, Holaverse. They will create an exclusive Android OS UI launcher, which is a customized version of the hugely popular Hola Launcher app, which has already recorded over one hundred million downloads since its launch one year ago. Selected for […]

YAR Ultimate Audio System With A Starting Price Of $272,000

Ultra luxury homes deserves ultra luxury audio systems. Company YAR, based in Italy, is creating handmade and unique audio systems. With prices starting at 272,000 US dollars, their systems have integrated amplifier, two speakers and a easel. Each of the audio system is done by hand, over a period of three months and can be […]

Leica Unveiled M-P “Panda” Limited Edition

Leica just unveiled a new camera which pay tribute to the panda, a “Chinese National Treasure.” Aptly named “Panda Edition”, this limited edition version of its M-P (Typ 240) rangefinder is finished in black and white. The uber-limited edition digital rangefinder will be offered in 2 different kits: one with a 28mm f/2 lens and […]

Goldgenie Embellishes Your iMac With 24k Gold

For over two decades Goldgenie transforms your gadget into gold craftsmanship pieces. Now, it’s time for your new or old iMac to get the million dollar look by allowing London’s premium gold craftsmen Goldgenie to embellish in genuine 24k Gold. This ultimate luxury service enabled those of more refined tastes to have the a top […]

Kharma Enigma Veyron – World’s Most Advanced Audio System

Kharma Enigma Veyron system is the most advanced audio system in the world realizing the Holy Grail in High-end audio. To create a new level of sound quality and truly offer superior technology that would push the limits of current dynamic loudspeakers was not an easy task. This time fully new-engineered Kharma drivers are the […]

Leica’s First Underwater Camera

Leica announced its first underwater camera, the Leica X-U. This newest product is specifically designed for extreme outdoor and underwater shooting. The X-U is perhaps best described as a rugged compact camera – rather than a true underwater camera – being depth rated to 49 feet, shock-resistant, freeze-resistant, and dust-sealed. Inside the X-U is a […]