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Noah Case for MacBook Pro by Rainer Spehl

Here’s a perfect way to encase your precious pearly white MacBook Pro.  Designed and brought into being in collaboration by Berlin-based street fashion brand Ucon and furniture, interior and exhibition designer Rainer Spehl, the Noah Case is a handcrafted wooden box-case that can be used to slip in MacBooks ranging from 13 to 17 inches. […]

Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones Coming From Klipsch

Klipsch, renowned manufacturer of luxury audio products has teamed up with the legendary singer/songwriter/musical novelist to bring you the Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition Headphones. These special headphones are designed primarily for Apple iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad series. Along with its highly-acclaimed sound quality, Lou Reed X10i comes with a […]

En & Is Gold MegaPhone iPod Amplifier

Designing duo Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero of the En & Is fame, have put in their latest streak of creativity in the iPod MegaPhones, currently on the market in 3 different color options: white, black and gold finished. The MegaPhone is a ceramic passive amplifier created for the iphone and ipod touch. Using no electricity, […]

iPhone 4S Diamond & Platinum Edition

One more Apple gadgets is covered with diamond. This time, it is the iPhone 4S Diamond & Platinum Edition, a new limited edition luxury handset designed by Stuart Hughes with the help of Celebrity designer Jo-Emma Larvin. This is the world’s first and only iPhone 4S decorated with diamonds and platinum. The entire outer frame […]

Gold & Diamonds Graphic-Plated Macbook Pro by Computer Choppers

At the Gitex conference in Dubai (October 10th-13th), Computer Choppers unveils another luxury Apple products, this time featuring a 24kt Gold and Diamonds Graphic-Plated Macbook Pro. This preciously-customized Macbook Pro is covered with polished 24kt Gold with graphics in plating highlighted with VS diamond logo. Prices start from $20,000 and can go as high as $35,000. If […]

CrystalDock – First Pure Crystal iPod and iPhone Dock from CalypsoCrystal

CrystalDock – First Pure Crystal iPod and iPhone Dock from CalypsoCrystal How about this – an iPod/iPhone dock made out of crystal lead glass. Handmade in Slovenia, Europe from crystal glass, the Crystal Dock is a manually cut and polished dock, featuring a 30-pin plug in the dock well and a female dock connector on the […]