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    Asus NX90 Decorated with 40,000 Swarovski Crystals

    Asus NX90JQ by Crystallize Your Design The already-sultry Asus NX90JQ notebook has been rendered even sultrier with Swarovski treatment. It’s sleek design, wide screen, impressively-laid out keypad, and the master stroke, B&O audio system, made it a class apart, and perfect. Now, the German company Crystallize your design has embellished it with dazzling 40,000 hand-made Swarovski crystals. […] More

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    Lamborghini Asus VX3 – The World’s Most Expensive Laptop for Sale

    Lamborghini Asus VX3 At £220,000 (approx. $360,000), this yellow Lamborghini Asus VX3 laptop with black leather and yellow stitching seems simply outrageous, but considering the fact that it’s accompanied with a Lamborghini Tag Heuer Meridist phone a 2008 Lamborghini LP640 Roadster sports car, it’s worth the price. The Lamborghini Asus VX3 features a 2,5 GHz […] More

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    ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 Notebook

    ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 notebook ASUS and Automobili Lamborghini release their newest auto-sporty notebook called ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 Notebook. Like the supercars it borrows styling cues from, it’s available in orange, black or carbon fiber. All are directly licensed and formulated to retain the iconic and attention-grabbing appearance of the fabled Italian powerhouses. The all new 15.6” Asus-Automobili […] More

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    Asus Lamborghini USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

    Asus Lamborghini USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive We have already seen the Asus Lamborghini laptop and mouse and now Asus has launched another Lamborghini themed accessory for your computer, the Asus Lamborghini USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive. It has the same sport car-inspired design and it’s coming with the same glossy black with Lamborghini logo. […] More

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    Asus & Lamborghini Unveils Notebook Bags, WX Wireless Mouse and External HDD

    Asus – Lamborghini Sleeve Bag Asus and Lamborghini have a long history of working together on Lamborghini-branded computers and peripherals, and now the two companies have released a line of laptop bags and peripherals designed to keep your laptop safe when you travel. The cool accessories include a Lamborghini backpack, laptop case, laptop cover, WX-wireless […] More

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    ASUS Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 Finally Available for Sale

    ASUS Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 Five months have passed since ASUS first previewed the Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 ultraportable, but said machine is now ready to make an appearance on markets. Co-designed by Lamborghini and inspired by the Murcielago LP640 Roadster, the notebook gets a 12.1-inch screen and a decent dual core Intel Atom D525 […] More

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    ASUS NX90 Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Laptop With Extended Speaker Boxes

    Asus has teamed up with Danish luxury electronics veteran Bang & Olufsen to create what’s possibly its most luxurious multimedia laptop. Designed by Bang & Olufsen Chief Designer David Lewis, the Asus NX90 Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Laptop is a study in sublime contrasts, featuring a polished aluminum exterior and palm rest that match beautifully […] More