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    Luxury Concrete Sinks By Pietra Danzare

    Nice and durable, these contemporary concrete sinks from the company Pietra Danzare have a cool industrial chic design, coupled with a touch of luxury. They are made in a form of a rectangular plate, which looks like they were shaped by water, and has a flat, a slight decrease towards the sewer. You can customize […] More

  • The world’s most expensive plectrum worth $7,800 is created by Timber Tones

    Timber Tones Plectrum for $7,800

    I do not believe that anyone could dream that this nonsense will cost so much. But in this crazy world everything is possible. A UK-based firm, Timber Tones, specializing in manufacturing luxury guitar plectrums have created a one of a kind range called Treasure Tones, which includes models made of silver, gold, platinum and palladium. […] More

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    Goût de Diamants Taste of Diamonds – World’s Most Expensive Champagne

    World’s most expensive champagne worth $1.8 million and it comes from Goût de Diamants. This luxury Champagne brand, in cooperation with designer Alexander Amosu, made this champagne for one of its private clients. It features an actual diamond, it is one of a kind, custom-made, a unique bottle, of this famous brand. You’re paying for […] More

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    Hermès Birkin Handbag Sold for $82,600

    Handmade leather bag of fashion house Hermès, which is named after the actress Jane Birkin, for more than twenty years is a status symbol and the queen of bags. Price of legendary bags varies depending on the material it is made of, and it would, roughly speaking, is in the range between $9,000 and $150,000. […] More

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    Apple 1 Computer Handmade by Steve Jobs and Wozniack on Auction

    The first personal computer model from Apple, who founders of the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manually compiled is expected to fetch a price of nearly $389,525! The first computer developed by late Steve Jobs, the Apple 1, which first showed up with a price of $666, and still work flawlessly has lately shown […] More

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    Limited Edition Donna Karan Lenox Home Collection

    Donna Karan Lenox Limited Edition Donna Karan Lenox Limited Edition has emerged as a result of collaboration of famous designer Donna Karan and Lenox Corporation. Collection of numbered home designs is inspired by Karan’s exotic travels and featuring many old-world craft techniques. The handmade pieces include handcrafted authentic ceremonial bowls made from six different metals […] More

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    Furni Handmade Rockassins – Comback Into Native Fashion

    Limited Edition Furni Rockassins Moccasins Furni has teamed up with a family business that has 40 years of experience making snowshoes, moccasins and other Indian handcrafts to produce these wicked kicks. Right from Canada, this Furni’s new moccasins bring an urban sensibility to the traditional footwear. These men’s ankle high moccasins are made from supple […] More

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    Bellperre Finest Woods – Handmade Luxury Mobile Phones

    The niche market for luxury phones has yet another extravagant offering from Bellperre. The company is now offering their Bellperre ‘finest woods’ line of luxury mobile phones to those who have a taste for uniquely styled devices. Unlike many luxury phones these days, the Bellperre luxury phones are made from the very finest authentic materials, […] More