Louis Vuitton Cases For iPhone 5s

In the past, mobile phones were full of differences, when on the market was more popular brands and styles. Today it is difficult to express creativity in this field, especially on canvas small enough to fit in your pocket. These covers for mobile phones are a welcome change in the environment in which it all comes off the production line, and it looks exactly the same as millions of others.
Louis Vuitton launches perforated soft cases in iconic patterns for iPhone 5s With the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, nothing better than a luxury Louis Vuitton iconic French fashion brand will protect your smartphone holster, which is decorated with classic Louis Vuitton monogram. Case has a full line-up of microfiber for a better protection from scratches. Louis Vuitton launches perforated soft cases in iconic patterns for iPhone 5s Available in several colors they feature the best of French fashion with LV’s iconic patterns, the Monogram, Damier, and Articles de Voyage in pinpoint perforations. The all pieces independent of color and appearance are priced at $400. Louis Vuitton launches perforated soft cases in iconic patterns for iPhone 5s

Louis Vuitton Cases For BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry is getting fancy. Louis Vuitton create an elegant case for the BlackBerry Z10. This is just a confirmation that these two exclusive brands hold the road that they started, and that is a luxury and quality above all. LOUIS VUITTON CASE FOR BLACKBERRY Z10   Louis Vuitton BlackBerry Z10 comes in two variant, first is an iconic LV signatured monogram case in brown, while the other is a case in graphite Damier fabric in alternating grey and black. The case is available at Louis Vuitton stores with a price tag of roughly $340. Price is perhaps high, but after all it is a Louis Vuitton, and he has no price. LOUIS VUITTON CASE FOR BLACKBERRY Z10 LOUIS VUITTON CASE FOR BLACKBERRY Z10

Louis Vuitton Zephyr Suitcase for Journey in Style

Since 1854,
Louis Vuitton‘s monogram appears on many products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books. When talking about luxury trunks, brand’s latest creation is the Zephyr Suitcase. Louis Vuitton Zephyr Suitcase Created by the leather goods craftsmen at the Saint-Donat workshop in the Drôme region of France, this four-wheeled travel case in thermocompressed Monogram canvas is suitable for all journeys thanks to its stitching and discreet fibre glass frame. There are also a few cowhide leather inserts on the case, as well as a leather tag for identification. Also, its 360° wheels are subtly silent and agile while the retractable cane has 4 levels of height adjustment. LV Zephyr Suitcase is available in two sizes: 55 (9.4″ x 22.0 x 14.6″) and 70 (17.7″ x 29.1″ x 11.4″) and can be purchased at Louis Vuitton stores for $3,450 and $4,250 for the 55 and 70 respectively.

If you need a new elegant suitcase for your fab vacation outfits, then you should take a look at the Zephyr 55 model from LV

Louis Vuitton Zephyr Suitcase

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Royal Crown Derby Titanic China – History on a Plate

Royal Crown Derby Titanic China Royal Crown Derby Titanic China When the Titanic was being built, Royal Crown Derby was commissioned by the White Star Line to produce china for the Titanic’s First Class a la carte restaurant. To commemorate its 100th anniversary, British porcelain specialist is reproducing the china that was originally created in 1911 for the liner. Apart from one plate, currently in the safe hands of Southampton Museum, none of the original ware survived the disaster.  But, for the first time since 1911 Royal Crown Derby has now put the Titanic range back into full production. And to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic, the bone china manufacturer is holding a Titanic exhibition which starts on February 26th. Organised in collaboration tith White Star Memories, the exhibition is called History on a Plate and brings together a unique showcase of never before seen Titanic artifacts and historical pieces from Royal Crown Derby’s Titanic archives, including the original pattern and a booklet advertising the Titanic and the correspondence between Royal Crown Derby and the ships chandler’s Stonier & Co of Liverpool.

Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk From 1920s Sold For $68,500

Louis Vuitton 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton 1920 Malle Chaussures Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk was the symbol of ultimate Parisian chic, and declared by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as a requisite travel accessory of every truly stylish woman on earth in the 1920s. The renowned Malle Chaussures, a 1920s Vuitton shoe trunk is sold by London’s Pullman Gallery for $68,500. Featuring the iconic LV monogram on its canvas-upholstered frame, the trunk showcases old-world craftsmanship as revealed through its meticulous design. Each of the padded drawers features a leather pull tab and nameplate. The trunk contains compartments for 30 pairs of shoes in individual shoe boxes with ancillary drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit.

Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses Suit Anyone Face

Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses Black Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses Black Louis Vuitton introduces LV 4Motion, highly innovative and technical sunglasses, developed to satisfy the demand of sports professionals and amateurs. Apart from the chic look, the Louis Vuitton’s 4 Motion sunglasses come with a well-equipped frame. You can adjust the nose pad, the height of the frame, the front inclination and the temple curvature according to your convenience. The temples can also be extended or shortened to sport a more active and casual fit. More than anything else, these sunglasses will definitely make you look smarter and more stylish. Water, Fire, Earth, Air the Louis Vuitton 4Motion sunglasses are created in 4 different versions, each adapted to specific type of sports. Water for aquatic sports, Fire for extreme sports, Earth for outdoor sports and Air for winter sports.

Louis Vuitton’s Mens Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Bag Collection Can Make Anyone go Speechless

Louis Vuitton these days is coming up with great designs, the highlight today is the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010 Men’s Bag Collection and this collection can make anyone go speechless.
Louis Vuitton’s Mens Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Bag Collection - Shako Sac Voyage

Louis Vuitton’s Mens Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Bag Collection - Shako Sac Voyage

There are plenty of jokes about men carrying purses, but these bags are not to be mocked. Crafted by Men’s Studio Director Paul Helbers, under the Artistic Direction of Marc Jacobs, the collection is based on the ‘Bleisure’ lifestyle. This gives the right amount of comfort and formality which has been inspired by Vienna’s ‘artist wardrobe’. The leather is fully nourished by craftsmen with oils and natural wax to allow the bags to embellish with age. Either constructed entirely of leather or paired with a water-resistant taupe or charcoal canvas, the bags are inspired by military and utilitary vintage styles with a contemporary twist.