James Dean Pocket Watch at Auction in Hong Kong

James Byron Dean, cultural icon of the 50’s, known also as the title of his most celebrated film, “Rebel Without a Cause” had only three watches in his possession in his brief rebellious life. Sadly, he did not have time to become a collector of watches. He owned, one pocket watch (Standard Watch Company) who bought the 1951 engraved with personal initials. He wore it on his father’s gold chain (with fear not to lose) and considered it a lucky charm. Another is “Westclox Wrist Ben” who also wore in the cult film “Rebel Without a Cause” and the third was “LeCoultre Powermatic Nautilus” which he had on hand at tragic car accident.
James Dean’s Lucky Pocket Watch Up For Auction His first watch, the Elgin pocket watch will be auctioned by Antiquorum Auctioneers in its June 22nd auction of “Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces” in Hong Kong. This watch is a piece of Hollywood history, one of the few known existing items that belonged to the late legendary actor. James Dean gifted the watch to Tillie Starriet, a Warner Brothers employee whom he befriended during the filming of “East of Eden.” The watch contains a letter of authentication from Starriet. James Dean’s pocket watch was made in 1889 by Standard USA, with an Elgin movement. The gold filled case has a cartouche with the initials “JD” engraved on the front cover. Watch is pre-auction estimated on $5,000 – $10,000. JAMES DEAN’S ELGIN POCKET WATCH

Patek Philippe Pink Gold Pocket Watch At Christie’s

On June 11 at
Christie’s New York, the most important watch is going to be sold at the auction. A rare 18K gold Patek Philippe pocket watch is expected to fetch $1.5 million. Manufactured in 1898 this watch has never before been seen in public. Patek Philippe Pink Gold Pocket Watch The openface minute repeating perpetual calendar split-seconds chronograph pocket watch with grande and petite sonnerie and moon phases, was purchased in 1900 by American industrial Stephen S. Palmer and has been stored ever since. Palmer paid 6,500 Swiss Francs for the watch in 1900 which was a lot of money for that time. Until his discovery the world was tought that the Patek’s first watch compilation was made in 1910. The watch is the only example known to have been cased in pink gold, whereas all following pieces were cased in yellow gold according to the style of the early 20 century. The Palmer watch comes complete with its original documentation including the certificate of authenticity and presentation box. Patek Philippe have had a luxurious clientele such as Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, Christian IX and Princess Louise of Denmark, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, Hussein Kamel Sultan of Egypt so this watch could not cost less than expected price. A rare 18K gold Patek Philippe pocket watch is expected to fetch $1.5 million

Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp by Hermes Revive Age-old Fashion

Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp Watch Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp Watch After the announcement of the Grand Arceau Moon Phase watch to hit the shelves later this year, the famous French luxury house Hermes has now presents the Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp Pocket Wtch, thereby continuing its trend of reviving age-old fashion. Whether in a trouser or jacket pocket, the manner of wearing the Arceau Pocket by Hermes further accentuates the innate classic chic of the original Arceau wristwatch imagined by Henri d’Origny in 1978. The Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp introduces a new dial that is a true work of art sculpted from a block of natural mother-of-pearl. The Arcau Pocket highlights an equestrian scene with the help of a relief modeling technique – the carriage, horses and protagonists come engraved on two superimposed gold plates. The lines of flight, different plans and the depth of field, emphasized by the third dimension, seem to give life to the scene. This motif evokes the central detail of the Promenade de Longchamp silk carre designed by Philippe Ledoux in 1965.