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    Limited Edition 1:8 Scale Ferrari Motorboat Anro XI

    Motorboat Arno XI at 1:8 Scale When some mentions Ferrari first association is the speed, luxury and power. About the popularity of Ferrari’s products is superfluous to speak, so that collectors and fans of this brand will be thrilled with a 1:8 scale model reproduction of the Timossi-Ferrari Arno XI Motorboat from 1953. The model […] More

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    Limited Edition McLaren F1 LM – 1:8 Scale Luxury Replica

    Limited Edition McLaren F1 LM – 1:8 Scale Luxury Replica Amalgam Fine Model Cars presents 1:8 Scale luxury replica of the fastest naturally aspirated production car in the world, McLaren F1 LM. The car was designed by Gordon Murray and only 106 were built in total. Just 5 of the McLaren F1 LM (LM for […] More

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    Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition by Stuart Hughes

    From Robert Gulpen of Munich and Stuart Hughes of Liverpool comes this Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition that fetched a hefty £2 million ($2.9 million). This scale model weighs approx 7kg and is made in 24k gold and platinum with a diamond front from 7.2 carats and took 2 months to finish. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition, […] More