Most Expensive Phone: iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, Uniquely Designed and Crafted by Stuart Hughes

Now I know the iPhone 3GS is a good smartphone, and is classed as the king of smartphones, but come on, some people really must have more money than sense, and it appears it’s the Australians. The Australian gold mining crowd clearly has more money than sense, as it’s been revealed the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose has been commissioned from the Stuart Hughes.

iPhone 3GS SUPREME Rose by Stuart Hughes

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose has been commissioned from the Goldstriker team at a most disgustingly ridiculous price of £1.93,25 Million ($3.15 million) which beats the previous luxury version by a further £10,000. The device oozes elegance and style with the rare 7.5ct single cut diamond which was also embedded on the previous iPhone Supreme. The device’s bezel has been handcrafted from platinum with 130 .75 flawless diamonds summing to a total of 97.5ct. Apart from this, the device also flaunts four pink baguette diamonds each weighing 2.5cts. The rear part of the device built of circa 112 grams of 18ct rose gold shows off the rose gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds. The eye-catching navigation button is a single cut 7.5ct diamond that rests in an 18ct gold mount. [Source: Stuart Hughes]

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