Queen Elizabeth II Wears Swarovski Crystal Encrusted 3D Glasses

Regular folks, like us, wear plain-old, recycled 3-D glasses when we’re at the movies. But when you’re the Queen of England, not just any 3-D spectacles will do. That’s why, the Queen Elizabeth II wore customized 3D glasses (adorned with Swarovski crystals forming the letter Q) during a recent visit to Pinewood Toronto Studios in Canada.
Queen Elizabeth II Blings in Swarovski 3D Shades

Queen Elizabeth II Blings in Swarovski 3D Shades

The 84-yearl old Queen got to witness a scene being filmed in 3D, and then immediately watched it played back on a big projection screen. Elizabeth II’s extravagant eyewear was designed by her dresser and personal assistant, Angela Kelly, who might have the most ridiculous job in the world. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is probably the highest-ranking dignitary to be clicked in 3D glasses.

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