Bond No 9 Fragrance in Swarovski Studded Chandelier Amphora

Bond No 9 Chandelier Amphora Bond No 9 Chandelier Amphora Bond No.9 is well known for its range of Swarovski-studded, New York-centric perfumes. The latest from the brand for the upcoming holidays are presented in luxurious and precious flacons. The Chandelier Amphora features a bottle decked with faceted, chandelier-sized beads. The company apparently formed this idea thanks to the billion chandeliers strewn across the city to celebrate the festive holidays. The second chandelier-inspired flacon, Nuits de Noho, is dressed in black with prisms around her neck for a gala nighttime event. Nuits de Noho is a contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent with notes of jasmine, creamy vanilla and sheer patchouli. Its Christmas time and what brings more joy than seeing the one you love drop a tear of happiness and the eyes sparkling up like chandelier crystals. The Chandelier edition for Nuits de Noho sells for $380 for 100 ml and the Chandelier Amphora edition for $2,500 for 42 fl oz.
Bond No 9 Nuits de Noho

Bond No 9 Nuits de Noho

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