McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock Add Some Retro Zing to Your Wall

McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock
McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock From 1949 McIntosh has carved out a reputation for providing impeccable audio designs and recently celebrated their 60th anniversary by launching a limited edition MC75 amplifier. However, what comes as a little bit of a surprise is the company’s new launch, a clock shaped in their signature amplifier style. The MCLK12 Wall Clock, that truly goes with the company’s tradition. Designed to either hang on the wall or to fit in an equipment rack, the McIntosh MCLK12 Wall Clock features illuminated digital meters for hours and minutes, harkening back to the iconic “McIntosh Blue” LED watt meters prominent on the company’s renowned home entertainment components. In addition to its Universal Power Supply, the MCLK12 features a battery back-up system. The clock will be available as a branding tool for dealers and also for purchase by McIntosh fans. You will need to cough up $2,000 to get your hands on one.

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