West Coast Customs Unveil TRON-themed Audi R8 Race Car at CES 2011

Audi R8 TRON Race Car
Audi R8 TRON Race Car (Photo credit: ThatCar) TRON seems to have hit the jackpot as far as merchandising options are concerned. After Special Edition TRON Legacy Adidas Collection, Limited Edition Sam Flynn and Quorra TRON Legacy Motorcycle Suits and the Street-Legal TRON Light Cycle it’s time for a something a bit more up-scale. At the CES 2011, Las Vegas this year, Monster unveiled a chrome-plated TRON-themed Audi R8, which has been engineered by Pimp My Ride vehicular tricksters West Coast Customs. Touted to be faster than the light cycle, the car will feature glowing rims, vents, and a back seat coupled with a chrome finish to achieve the TRON-look. The car will be featured in an upcoming Tron-centric episode of the reality show Inside West Coast Customs. [West Coast Customs]

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