Paul Allen Buys New Toy – MiG-29 Russian Fighter Jet

MIG-29 Fighter Jet

MIG-29 Fighter Jet

For the billionaire, the world is one big playground and they have the playthings to prove it. After paid out $70 million on Portland Trail Blazers, then there was the $200 million on a luxurious super yacht, now Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, has just added a MiG 29 Russian fighter jet to his robust collection of pricy assets.

Mr Allen – worth an estimated $13.5billion, bought the Soviet-designed craft after it was restored by aviation enthusiast John Sessions. It is currently on display at Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field, Washington, but once all the paperwork has been finished it will be flown to an undisclosed location for him to enjoy in private.

Allen started collecting aircraft in 1998 and the collection’s museum includes mainly World War II planes. He became interested in MiG-29s around 2002, when it became possible for private citizens to purchase them on the open market, said Liz Davidson, manager of the collection. [Daily Mail]

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