The Gold Mattress With a 22 Karat Gold Yarn Cover By Magniflex

The Gold Mattress The Gold Mattress The first mattress lined and embroidered in gold Karati 22 is The Gold Mattress presented by Fuorisalone Magniflex. It is the most exclusive of fabrics, offered as a limited edition and created by Stephanie Montaperto. Gold Mattress is a project that combines design and functionality, innovation and elegance. Made with fine materials that combine temperature control functions, antibacterial and antistatic properties, to a proper balance of the body to the total respect of his anatomy, Gold Mattress is the design applied to the evolution of rest, a link between the past (tradition) and the future of a product. Coupled with the Magniflex Memoform Core, which adapts to the shape of the body with up to 85% accuracy, the Magniflex Gold Mattress is sure to provide a rest of unsurpassed comfort and luxury. The Magniflex Gold Mattress, treasure your sleep. The Italian company leader in matters being the first manufacturer of a mattress made ​​with embroidery and covered in 22 carat gold: Gold Mattress is the name of the model, already in the catalog of the company, will be presented during the next Fuorisalone 2011 to be held in Milan. The price of the mattress is €24,000 ($34,200). [Magniflex]
The Gold Mattress

The Gold Mattress


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