Prince Williams And Kate Refrigerator – Truly Royal Venture

Royal Wedding Fridge
Royal Wedding Fridge As a royal wedding is approaching, more and more people want to be part of the event in any way. General Electric has decided to send over what they call The Ultimate Royal Wedding Refrigerator. As is logical, everything connected with the royal wedding has to be king size, so the refrigerator is 5’9” long with a beautiful picture of the engagement of royal couple. David Garden, Commercial Director for GE, is very hopeful with this product and is expecting high sales since the product has hit the market at the correct time. This is part of the royal wedding memorabilia which is becoming bigger from day to day. Beer bottle which says Kiss me Kate, T-shirt, tea towel, a huge cake with Kate and the Prince on it, are just some of the items that are on the list. I have enjoyed in preparation for my wedding, but I don’t believe that the Prince Williams and Kate have that pleasure! [Born Rich]  

One thought on “Prince Williams And Kate Refrigerator – Truly Royal Venture”

  1. Sal J. McFrankel says:

    This is a spoof, right? It’s like something you’d see in the Onion.

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