T+A Solitaire CWT Speakers for the Most Demanding Audiophiles

T+A Solitaire Speakers T+A Solitaire CWT 500, CWT 1000 and CWT 2000 Speakers The German-based T+A has unveiled their latest Solitaire CWT Series Speakers. Created for, and catering towards, the most demanding audiophile, the three luxury speakers, CWT 500, CWT 1000 and CWT 2000, are all based on the principle of the Cylinder Wave Transducer (CWT), which is designed to create a very homogeneous sound field between the speakers, but transmitting little midrange and treble above the cabinet and downwards. This process reduces the listening room’s influence on the sound quality. Common to all is the cylindrical radiator principle achieved by combining electrostatic HF panels of increasing length per model with vertically paralleled long-throw mid/woofers and opposing sidefiring woofers in a sealed alignment. In the top model the 920 x 50mm panel covers 2kHz to 40kHz, the six paralleled 15cm mid/woofers 200 to 2000Hz. Two sidefiring 26cm woofers per cheek handle the bass. The flagship CWT 2000 floorstanding loudspeaker explains perfectly the hi-tech philosophy and amazing sound quality of the whole series. The speaker features an electrostatic tweeter, 45mm wide but mechanically split into three 15mm-wide sections. As the frequency increases, the crossover increasingly cuts off drive to the outer sections, maintaining lateral dispersion. Adjacent to the tweeter is an array of six 6″ cone midrange units, with the higher frequencies mainly being handled by the central units, again to optimize dispersion. Two pairs of 10″ woofers complete the driver complement, one pair being mounted each side of the enclosure and driven in-phase so that their reactive forces cancel. The sealed-box alignment is said to give a –dB point of 37Hz. Basic specs include 400-watt power handling, 23 – 40.000Hz bandwidth, 88dB sensitivity, dimensions of 1610 x 350 x 500mm and weight of 119kg. The solid aluminum plinth is finished black for all available veneers (Macassar, Cherry and Hazelnut) and gloss black lacquer, white gloss for the high-gloss lacquer white enclosure option. T+A Solitaire CWT Speakers are priced at €14,000, €24,000 and €30,000 ($42,500) per pair. [T+A]

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