D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme Created By Stuart Hughes and Antica Distilleria Russo

D' Amalfi Limoncello Supreme Created By Stuart Hughes and Antica Distilleria Russo

D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

Stuart Hughes, a modern day King Midas has taken extravagance to the next level by creating the world’s most expensive liquor, D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme for a staggering £27 million ($43.68 million).

The liquor itself is from the Antica Distillery Russo of Italy, but its the bottle which is truly breath taking. Exclusively designed bottle of D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme outshines with three single cut flawless diamonds that total up to 13 cts on the neck. The body contains one of the world’s rarest diamonds which is sized 18.5 cts (which apparently is one of the worlds rarest diamonds).

Antica Distillery Russo from Italy is the first family distillery founded in 1936 by Vincenzo. He started distillates from wine, according to traditional methods of that time. The tradition has been passed down the generations and they have refined the know-how of distillation and production of traditional spirits. They are committed to constant innovative research and take up new projects to create the final quality as per the preference of the customer.

A national drink of Italy, Limoncello is served either before a meal to cleanse the palate, or as a light and refreshing after-dinner beverage. It is made from fermented lemons, which are steeped in a mixture of sugar and alcohol for at least 20 days. The best limoncello as this one comes from the Amalfi coast in Italy thanks to its sweet lemons which have a distinctive flavor.

Only two such bottles were created of which one was commissioned for an unidentified lady from Italy and other one is waiting to reach your home bar. [Stuart Hughes]

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