Richard Branson Rents His Private Island In Australia

Makepeace Island Makepeace Island Virgin Group owner, Sir Richard Branson decided to rents his private island in Australia’s Noosa River for $8,000 per night. Named as Makepeace Island, Branson origianlly purchased it in 2003 as an eco-retreat for the crew of Virgin Australia. Besides this, he also boasts his beloved Necker Island in the Caribbean. Naturally heart-shaped island is very near to the Sunshine coast and can be reached easily by a quick riverboat. To make your stay luxurious and unforgettable, the island has a 500,000 liter lagoon pool, spa, bar, pavilion, tennis court, beach areas, nature walks and a two story open aired Balinese bamboo villa. This 25 acre island can accommodate around 22 guests in the Bali house with three separate master suites or one of three bures on the island. The indoor decors and gardens include teak, life-size sculptures, enormous volcanic boulder bathtubs, antiques and plenty of ornate lighting and furniture commissioned and acquired in Bali, Java and elsewhere throughout Indonesia. [Makepeace Island]

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