Yamazaki 50 Year Old – Japan’s Most Expensive Single Malt

Suntory Holdings Ltd. which is one of the oldest wine brewing and distilling company in Japan has unveiled the 50 year old single malt cask in Yamazaki where the company first started its distillery in 1924. The Yamazaki 50 Year Old single malt is the most expensive whiskey in Japan and is launched in a limited edition of 150 bottles only.
Yamazaki 50 Year Old - Japan's Most Expensive Single Malt

A bottle of Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky Aged 50 Years

Distilled in first edition Japanese pot stills, the key malt that forms the base spirit for this whisky was stored in a Japanese mizunara oak cask to mature quietly over more than half a century. The single malt is amber reddish in color and has a long lasting fruity flavor. The malt is filled with aroma of aloeswood and ends with slight smoky finish. The bottle will retail for 1 million Japanese yen ($12,892), and the company is already taking pre-orders via department stores. Each 700 milliliters bottle will be housed in an elegant grey colored box with the calligraphy by sandblasting. When the firm introduced in 2005 and 2007 50-bottle limited editions of the Yamazaki single-malt whiskey matured for more than half a century, and carrying a price tag of ¥1 million, they sold out immediately.
Yamazaki 50 Year Old - Japan's Most Expensive Single Malt

A bottle of 50-year-old single malt whisky is displayed before a cask barreled in 1953 as Suntory unveils Japan's most expensive whisky called Yamazaki 50-year.

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