$59 Million New England’s Most Expensive Home For Sale

Most expensive home in the history of New England’s luxury estates is now available for $59 million. The 69 acre luxury home, located on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, is owned by R.E. Phelon & Co. which makes engine electronics, and it has been listed by Maury People Sotheby’s International. Gary Winn, the listing agent with Maury People Sotheby’s International while revealing details about the property has stated that, there hasn’t been anything like this available on Nantucket in years.
$59 million home in Nantucket is most expensive home listed in New England

Nantucket’s $59 Million Compound

Since it is located on the private peninsula once popularly referred to as Swain’s Neck on old maps of the island, this magnificent property is also known as the Swains Neck Compound. The main reason for this incredible high price is the estate’s exclusive sprawling location.  It actually sits on the Polis Harbour and with its 3 sides open to the ocean, the property boasts with privacy and more acreage than almost any other home on the island. Gary Winn describes it as a spectacular house on an unbelievable piece of land. Swains Neck Compound has a main house, a two-bedroom guest cottage, a boathouse, and an octagonal office building. The main house has four en-suite bedrooms, a master bedroom with fireplace and private deck, an atrium-like living room, a parlor with wet bar and fireplace and a media room. The kitchen with its granite counter tops, a huge oven and a two panelled refrigerator will give all of its buyers an overwhelming experience. This lavish property also boasts of a private beach, a waterfront and a sports area with a tennis court and three boat moorings. The only drawback of this otherwise ideal estate is there is no swimming pool. Fortunately, due to the property’s expansive size, the smallest problem for the new owner will be to make some extra pool. After all, for the beginning, the private beach is good enough for all water adventures. The interesting thing about Swains Neck Compound is that it was bought in 1997 by Russell Dale Phelon for $7.15 million, and now it is now listed for $59 million. This luxury home is about to set new records in the world of luxury estates by quoting a price which is 725% more than its purchasing price fifteen years ago.

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