Caliber I Mammoth Ivory Watches by Lang & Heyne – Limited Edition

Marco Lang and Mirko Heyne represent Lang & Heyne, a Dresden-based watchmaker. They create watches in the Saxon tradition, and now have unveiled their new timepiece called Caliber I, that features ivory plates and bridges. The edition is limited to just 25 watches, for whose creating the ivory come from a mammoth who died 10,000 years ago with its tusk surviving in the Permafrost soil of Russian arctic tundra. Now, you know what makes it unique and different.
Lang & Heyne are strongly against using new alloys and silicon in the world of watches. “There’s no way that I would allow such an unappealing material that is used in the mass production of computer chips to be used for my watches.” Perfectly combining the fine structure and cream-white colour of the ivory with the finely manufactured metal work pieces, Lang & Heyne conveyed their hard work in the “Friedrich August I” and “Johann von Sachsen” models.  The price for this precious watch in either pink or yellow gold equals €33,300 ($41,900), and in white gold €34,800 ($43,800).

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