Gresso Unveils the New Phone – Cruiser Air Black

Gresso company presents an exclusive Cruiser Air Black phone. For the first time the company created a handset from a high-resistant aluminium alloy, the major material in the aircraft industry. It is the lightness of the composite that turns airplanes into weighless, sky-gliding creations. Inspired by their fascinating voyages over the infinite spaces, we strive for marvelous journeys and risky adventures. Cruiser Air Black combines the spirit of courage and luxury traditions.
The handset is executed in a classic single-piece form. The thin aluminium case flawlessly blends high strength and incredible lightness of metal, creating an airy assembly. The distinct features among the phone of this class are small dimensions (112/46/12 mm) as well as weight (106 grams). Under the first glimpse of delicately executed piece hides effortful hard work of Gresso designers and engineers. The velvet black case has an absolutely perfect geometrical shape of a prolonged rectangle. Matt steel keys accord beautifully with coal-black glossy front and back glass panels, making the elegant design complete. The authenticity of each phone is highlighted by an individual number engraved on the right side of the case.The unique number proves both credibility and exclusive value of every handset. The Cruiser Air Black series is a limited edition of only 555 phones. The one-piece case is executed through a hard milling technology. After the long precision technique each case is continuously hand polished by a single craftsman for several hours. To create protective and decorative coating, the anodizing process is performed. It forms the protective layer on the metal surface. As a result, the handset acquires a matt black effect, as well as gained additional damage protection. The front and back Cruiser panels are created from solid tempered glass plates. The tempering performed at 800°С (1472°F) and followed by rapid cooling increases the strength of the glass in several times. A special tinting technology gives the exterior a deep dark color. Cruiser round keys remind of steel aircraft control buttons. Each of 21 keys is hand polished, creating a smooth and glossy surface effect. Cruiser Air Black is a combination of elegant design, unique materials, precision technology and handwork. These details form a whole composition, embodying the dynamic nature as well as the lightness. Cruiser is an ideal handset for people following classic traditions and choosing their own path. The collection will be available in August 2012 at authorized Gresso dealers only and at online-boutique. Estimated price – $1,700.

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