Gresso Unveils a Revolutionary Bumper-case for iPhone 5

A lot of brands today consciously strive to make revolutionary products, but truly exceptional are revolutions in the luxury industry. Creators of exclusive pieces cannot perform without spark of inspiration, pr cannot replace charisma. Before the most awaited iPhone 5 premiere, Gresso company presents the Revolution Bumper-case. It’s not just a luxurious add matching exquisite presentable image, but that distinctive accessory to guarantee functionality, protection and safety in everyday use.
Gresso Revolution is drastically different from other metal bumpers. It’s unique construction opens up with a single move. As closed the bumper keeps the iPhone securely protected, giving its owner full comfort in device performance, as well as access to all functional buttons and ports. The Gresso bumper-case is also compatible with other accessories and devices. The innovative patented technology has no analogs in the world. Gresso designers and engineers have been working through every detail of the bumper for several months. A solid titanium was chosen to become the main material. Being both strong and light, the metal not only brings an exclusive touch, but also unique protection, as titanium surface is extremely hard to scratch. A PVD-coating is applied for higher wear resistance of the bumper frame, adding a deep dark color. Directional grinding technique creates matte and slightly rough metal texture. The bumper-case elegant image is highlighted by a gold inset of 18k with flawlessly engraved Gresso Revolution inscription. Gresso bumper-case comprises an upper and lower titanium frames, connected with screws and hidden inside magnet locks. A smartphone is only added 1 mm of size and 35 grams of weight. The configuration accents the iPhone 5 distinct design, as well as protects the sides, back and front from damage and scratches. It takes three hours to manufacture each bumper-case frame on a precision digital equipment. The complicated process is followed by hand grinding. Finally all details are assembled with handwork of a single craftsman, that guarantees a unique high-quality product. The Revolution bumper is a limited collection of only 999 pieces. Every case has individual flawlessly engraved inscriptions on the side, as well as a serial number, bringing the style and proving authenticity of the Gresso product. The sophisticated accessory from Gresso is embraced with luxurious beech box accentuated with a silk ribbon. It accents the bumper’s value and makes a stylish present. Gresso Revolution bumper-case brings unique qualities to millions of popular smartphone users. The piece highlights the owner’s individual character, lifestyle and goals.


  • The first metal bumper-case for iPhone 5
  • Significant design does not require additional assembling
  • Magnet lock system
  • Secure chilled metal construction
  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Unique serial number engraved on each bumper
  • Limited edition
  • Lifetime warranty
Gresso Revolution Bumper-case for iPhone 5 will be available for purchase in October’12 at the authorized Gresso online store, at the price of $3,000.

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