Swarovski Launches its First Eyewear Couture Edition

With more than 100 year of experience in supreme mastery of precision-cutting, Swarovski is today’s synonym for luxury crystals. Celebrating crystals as a creative material that can be embedded everywhere including jewel, fashion accessories, home decor, etc., Swarovski became world’s leading producer of cut crystal, genuine gemstones and created stones.
Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition

A limited edition of 800 pieces only, Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition is all about style and extravagance.

Now, for the first time, the brand launches its Eyewear Couture Edition, as result of its partnership with Italian designer Marcolin. Embellished with 78 hand-set crystals of various shape and colors, the Eyewear Couture Edition continues brand’s glittering and fashionable style. Each piece of the eyewear takes a full week to create, including its hand-polished lenses and palladium-coated temples. Limited to only 800 pieces, Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition is now on the market, priced at €1,000 ($1,300).
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