Crystal Heels’ Million-Dollar Shoes at Leon’s Jewelry, Beverly Hills

Crystal Heels is widely known as creator hand strassed crystal designer shoes for women using Swarovski rhinestones. “Strassing” is the process of crystallizing shoes with genuine Swarovski or Preciosa rhinestones. Now, the founder of this high-end fashion brand, Evelyn Fox has transformed her skills on a a simple pair of Giuseppe Zanotti peep toes in size 37 (U.S. size 6).
Million-Dollar Shoes from Crystal Heels

Perfectly symmetrical, The Million Dollar Shoes are literally covered in precious stones. From the five-inch stiletto heel to the demure peep-toe, every inch of the shoes — including the stitching — sparkles as only diamonds can

This sparkling authentic customized designer shoes are adorned with 11,000 diamonds covering every inch, from the five-inch stiletto heel to the demure peep-toe. The dazzlers boast of being studded with 03-, .05-, .07-, .10-, .20-, and .40-carat stones. For three weeks, Fox and her team painstakingly finished the job, just in time for Valentine’s Day. There is no more perfect retail environment for this Million Dollar Shoes, than famed Leon’s Jewelry in Beverly Hills. Shining Shoes will adorn the window of Leon’s Jewelry, among other things because the boutique’s staff had the knowledge to represent the exceptional Crystal Heels. “It is certainly unusual to find shoes in a high-end jewelry store, but The Million Dollar Shoes are like no others,” Fox stated. “They are the ultimate accessory: high-fashion shoes that rival the world’s most exquisite jewels.”  

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