iPhone 5 Black Diamond of $15.4 Million

In the box of solid gold, studded with 600 diamonds and with a huge white diamond of 26 cards instead of the “home” button, a screen made ​​of sapphire, comes the most beautiful Apple’s smartphone ever. Stuart Hughes, the jeweler who is known for expensive iPhone’s that he is make especially for the financial elite who wants to show how much money they have. iPhone 5 Black Diamond A few years ago he launched the iPhone 4 studded with precious stones that cost eight million dollars, but now he has surpassed himself. It took Hughes nine weeks to recreate the chassis of the iPhone 5. Apple logo on the back of the phone is also made ​​of pure gold and 53 diamonds.For this masterly handiwork the price is a breeze, $15.4 million. The iPhone 5 Black Diamond was commissioned by a Chinese businessman who already owned the black diamond. The world’s most expensive iPhone 5 worth $15 million sports a large flawless black diamond

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