Meridian 3D Surround Technology in New Range Rover Sport

The new Sport edition of the Range Rover SUV now gets a choice of three audio systems including the 3D surround system. Meridian and Land Rover joined strenght to develope world’s first 3D in-car surround system. Land Rover is set new standard for the in-car audio industry and provide best performance to their customers. The top of the range is the Meridian Signature Reference System, a 1700-Watts, 24-channel stereo/surround system driving 29 loudspeakers mounted around the vehicle cabin. They also include roof mounted and personal seat-back centre loudspeakers. The system incorporates Meridian Trifield 3D technology to deliver a unique, personal and incredibly realistic experience adding a three-dimensional sense of space. Meridian Audio in Land Rover
In addition to the Meridian Signature Reference System, customers can choose between the Meridian Sound System and Meridian Surround Sound System. First boasts 380-Watts, 12-channel stereophonic system featuring 13 loudspeakers including a dual-channel subwoofer, while second has 825-Watts, 16-channel stereo/surround system driving 19 loudspeakers mounted around the vehicle cabin, including tweeter/midrange drive units in the front centre and rear surround parcel shelf locations. New Range Rover has been developed to offer the ultimate in luxury for its occupants, combining the latest premium features and technologies with immaculate craftsmanship and materials. With Meridian audio systems Range Rover now has the little that he lacked. [youtube][/youtube] Meridian and Land Rover have developed a choice of two audio systems for the all-new Range Rover Sport
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