Slot Mods Premier Edition Raceway For $35,000

Slot Mods creates the finest handcrafted slot car raceways and dioramas in the world. They are made a remarkable Limited Premier Edition Raceway. After they presented a slot car circuit customized inside the belly of a RCR 917 replica, Slot Mods offered its first standard version. Its 5’ x 16’, three-lane, wooden, handcrafted layout with hand carved topography, aluminum Armco railing, realistic painted track surface, various trees, shrubbery, apex markers, LED base lighting, three commercial grade slot car controllers, one transformer, and six slot cars.

Slot Mods Limited Premier Edition Raceway

This design is comprised of two 5’ x 8’ track sections with two X-support bases. The entire unit has a laminate finish available in white, black, or red, with a clear Lexan trim. Price is $35,000 and shipping is not included. You can get also a white glove for installation for an additional fee. Delivery takes 6-8 weeks based on production schedule and also are available scenic upgrades, structures, and a lap timing system .

Slot Mods Limited Premier Edition Raceway

Made to look realistic, the 5’ x 16’, three-lane, wooden, handcrafted layout exhibits realistically painted track surfaces, trees, shrubs, and apex markers

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