iXoost, Exhaust Systems for Your iPod and iPhone

Giving ‘exhaust notes’ a new meaning, iXoost combines form of automotive audio dock for the iPhone and iPode. Anyone who loves motorsport, will surely want the latest musical fashion. Music from your mobile device will be the future of your home that came from automotive exhaust systems. The idea was born from two Italians from Modena, innovators and designers Matteo Panini and Micra Pecoraro. It’s called iXooost and is made of a single piece of aluminum (as well as Apple devices). There are several versions of exhaust systems. iXoost, Exhaust Systems for Your iPod and iPhone
You can choose between versions of the V8, V10 or V12 of exhaust systems. Featuring a unique design, the new owner is able to complete the addition of personalization. Thus, the customer can choose between different color shades, natural-colored leather and Allen screws. Since it is completely unique and designed to customer requirements, the price is for the V12, the most expensive of the lot, is $8,920, the middle version, the V10, costs $8,525, while the least expensive version, the V8, comes with a price tag of $6,550. iXoost, Exhaust Systems for Your iPod and iPhone

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