New Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha has announced last week the arrival of the first new three-cylinder two-wheel driven engine. Its new Yamaha MT-09, three-cylinder engine with aggressive look and beautiful style. Yamaha’s three-cylinder engine capacity of 850 cc with its 115hp and 87.5 Nm of torque is the strongest and most agile engine similar capacity in the market. This lightweight and compact engine has linearly distributed brute force. This three-cylinder with four valves per cylinder has improved combustion and higher torque than the four-cylinder engine with similar volume. Yamaha MT-09
Less weight and compactness of the Yamaha enabled the creation of a small aluminum frame at which the engine will be placed, and is itself based on two-wheelers, he became extremely compact. This three-cylinder with direct fuel injection borrows some of the two-wheel sport from Yamaha workshop. There’s YCC-T fly by wire throttle, Yamaha D-Mode system that operates in three different modes, and the driver makes, a pleasant passenger or tense sporty just by pressing a button. The new engine and a new frame is 20 pounds lighter than the same components on two-wheels with similar displacement engine as a Yamaha MT-09 brings a mass of 188 kg, which makes it one of the lightest two-wheeler with an engine larger than 700 cc. [youtube][/youtube] Yamaha MT-09 Yamaha MT-09 Yamaha MT-09

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