Life-Size Mario Is Up For $2900

If you happen to still be a die-hard fan of the little Italian plumber, and have ample space to spare in your house, this is the right thing for you. Available for ¥285,000 or about $2,900, from Amazon Japan, the statue stands five feet tall and is made from fiber-reinforced plastic. Whether you’re the admirer of Nintendo or the parent of the spoiled child, now you can make a sizable investment with this “life-size” Mario statue. Life-size Mario is up for $2900 on Amazon Japan
He does not talk, do not jump, do not run as well as other toys, but just standing in his natural size in the corner of your room. Is it worth $ 2,900, maybe, maybe not, but kid in you never stop playing. Life-size Mario is up for $2900 on Amazon Japan

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