New Leaf Board by Alexandra Llewellyn

London-based artist Alexandra Llewellyn brings her creative genius and modern sensibility and applies it to the world’s oldest board game – Backgammon. She creates bespoke, handcrafted backgammon boards from luxe materials, and also takes one-off commissions for games tables and games boards. She also boasts a growing client list including Sir Richard Branson, Jacquetta Wheeler & January Jones. New Leaf Board by Alexandra Llewellyn
One of her artwork is new Leaf Board, made of rare and exotic Chilean natural laurel burl, which is extremely sought after. The other exquisite materials include bamboo and fern leaves, which were handpicked by Alexandra and then digitally transformed onto the black background on the interior of the board. The playing pieces are created in antique gold and black weighted aluminum, the doubling dice is laurel burr and the dice cups are rose wood and lined with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser cut dice. The board measures 59.5cm x 38cm x 10cm when closed. New Leaf Board by Alexandra Llewellyn Priced at £2,100 ($3,400), each board comes with a custom-made velvet coverlet and a beautifully robust black presentation box. New Leaf Board by Alexandra Llewellyn New Leaf Board by Alexandra Llewellyn

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