DEOS Diamond Earphones For iPod

If you want to accessories your Apple products DEOS (Defining Expression of Sound) has some very fancy options for you. A New York-based company has manufactured covers for earphones that are covered in 302 diamonds. These titanium earphones have diamonds weighing approximately 4.5 Carat. This glittery product can easily slip and lock on a normal iPhone/iPod earbud. With these earphone covers you don’t have to be affraid of damages made on your earphones. Bling your iPod earphones with diamonds You can use the buds with or without these diamond covers or even swap the earphones whenever you want. So if you want to really empty your pockets or if you want to give someone an expensive glittery gift in this holiday season, a pair of these natural VS diamond DEOS earphones can be yours for just $7,500.

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