Hermès Coffre à Lutrin – Multifunctional Table Which Cost $60,000

The high-end luxury goods specialist, best known for its leather goods, Hermès has already tried his hand in the world of two-wheelers as well as in creating collection of cleverly designed furniture, fabrics and wallpapers. A bespoke pieces, a contemporary vision of the Hermès lifestyle by Philippe Nigro are part of Les Nécessaires d’Hermès collection introduced to US market this year. The jewel of the eight-piece furniture collection is Coffre à Lutrin multifunctional table, included in the New York Times’ gift guide for Christmas. Hermès Unfolds A $60,000 Folding Desk For Christmas
A folding desk whose compact dimensions suggest a vintage leather steamer trunk is made to highest quality and catch-eye design with sleek Canaletto walnut wrapped in beautiful caramel-colored leather. The three-part desk features an adjustable magazine holder in leather, pull tabs and handles. Priced at $60,000, it’s definitely not a piece of furniture affordable to everyone, or as Mr. Nigro says: “It’s an object you have to discover!” Hermès Unfolds A $60,000 Folding Desk For Christmas

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