Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis

Instead of cars, Bentley has drawn attention with the latest collection of their skis with signature of Swiss company Zai. Zai has managed to combine the “art of making the highest quality with strict aesthetic standards and sensibilities that connects Bentley heritage and tradition of quality, exclusivity and style, with the technical and architectural aspects of the design of skis. The skis are handcrafted from the very finest materials, and just like a Bentley car, Zai for Bentley is engineered to deliver a ride of unsurpassed smoothness, stability and speed. Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis
The skis have a special shock-absorbing natural rubber surface and an ultra-lightweight cedar wood core. They are made with stainless steel edges and are available in ice white and British racing green colors. The Zai for Bentley skis are made in a limited numbers of just 250 pairs, and are priced at CHF 9800 ($10,850). Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis Zai For Bentley’s Luxury Skis

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